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Web Analytics

Measure Results
A dynamic web analytics interface allows you to get up to date information on how your website is being viewed by the public. All of the enterprise web analytics dashboards we deploy allow you to measure against business objectives, benchmarks, baselines, etc. Marketing teams can derive return on investments (ROI) for various marketing campaigns.

Being able to decipher metrics properly on how users are accessing your website is vital in order to make sound business decisions. The array of web analytics software we deploy all allow for multi-layered analyses.

Charts and graphs allow you to monitor progress over time against your marketing goals. Web analytics software allows you to mine server log statistics for what matters most to you. For e-commerce sites, correlate how various marketing campaigns translate into sales through your website.



Google Analytics


Visualize Dynamic Statistics
Measure, test and optimize to improve your online marketing results. The web analytics packages we deploy have the features that you need to be successful.
  • Performance dashboard: Let your benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and explore "what if" scenarios to identify where to focus your budgets.
  • Optimize marketing results: Get a complete view into which campaigns are successful and which aren't from email and online advertising to affiliate and partner programs.
  • Continually improve search engine marketing : Monitor SEO and PPC results, drill down into your web site stats by search engine and phrase and integrate your PPC cost data with your web site stats for a complete marketing ROI breakdown.
  • Increase web site conversion: Optimize conversion rates for each page, path and conversion scenario. With advanced web analytics visualization, you'll be able to transform complex data into easy to interpret reports.
  • Analyize online sales activity: Maximize the profitability of your product line by finding which products are in high demand as well as where and why customers abandon the shopping process.
  • Determinethe ROI of every page: Evaluate page real estate with visual web analysis tools and determine which pages are driving conversion rates and which ones are driving people away.
  • Drive targeted, cost-effective business: Create sophisticated customer segments and deliver the right messages at the right time.
Contact a Tupson representative to help your company measure your web site anayltics today.

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