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Web Server Specifications

Internet Backbone Connection and Networking
Our Web servers are connected to the Internet through multiple, redundant DS3 channels from MCI, UUnet, Digex, AT&T and Sprint. Every server is backed up by six (6) separate backbone providers. We use only Cisco 7500 series routing equipment. We also use 100 Mbps Ethernet to connect our servers to our backbone providers. We run a Hewlett-Packard ProCurve managed switch and monitor each Ethernet connection for performance thresholds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Network Server Specifications
We custom build our UNIX and NT based Web servers. We use (at a minimum) the following configuration. Custom building of our hardware allows for quick response if a component should fail.
Pentium III 500 MHz or better
256 MB RAM or better
Dual SCSI (10,000 RPM) drives
Raid I configuration
UNIX or NT 4.0, SP 4
FrontPage 2000

Server Specs
Server Configurations
Network Backup Configuration
Our Web servers run dual SCSI, Raid I drive configurations. Should a hard drive fail at any time, the backup drive takes its place instantly. Dedicated 100 amp circuits that are specially designed to handle the fluctuating power requirements of high-speed computer equipment back up our network center. Attached to these dedicated circuits are Exide battery backups capable of keeping the entire network online for more than 48 hours. We have never had a power failure and the energy grid we are located in is running at less than 10% capacity.

Apache Microsoft UNIX

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